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Oral appliances are a medically proven treatment and are considered the first-line treatment for snoring by sleep physicians, ENT’s and other experts in the field.

It is also one of the two mainstream treatments, along with CPAP,  for sleep apnoea. SleepWise oral appliances are perfect if your snoring is affecting you or your partners quality of sleep.

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How Do Oral Appliances Work?

Snoring occurs when your airway is partially obstructed during sleep

Normal, open airway

Partially closed airway

Closed airway during an apnoea

The lower jaw is gently held forward by oral appliances, which prevents the tongue and palate from dropping back and obstructing the airway.

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 The SleepWise Range of Oral Appliances

Oral appliances are now universally regarded by sleep physicians, ENT’s and other experts in the field as the best available treatment for snoring and one of the only two frontline treatments for sleep apnoea.

Oral appliances are worn during sleep and work by holding the jaw slightly forward so the tongue and tissues at the back of the throat don’t collapse and obstruct the airway during sleep and are no longer collapsing into the passage of airflow.

The SleepWise Process

At SleepWise, we are proud of our specialised, medically proven process that provides our clients with a comfortable & personalised solution.

initial consultation

Step 1:

You book a consult with us, where we discuss your main concerns and symptoms.

We also make sure to have all your questions answered, including what to expect, ease of use, longevity, effectiveness etc.

And finally, we work out the optimal solution just for you to ensure you get the best possible results.

Step 2:

If you haven’t had a sleep study, a home-based diagnostic sleep study can be arranged.

That’s right. We are able to provide you with the equipment you need to have a sleep study completed in the comfort of your home, giving us a better idea of what your normal sleep looks like.

Step 3:

With our latest 3D scanning technology and 3D manufacturing procedure, we create an oral appliance that fits you perfectly and comfortably.

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Why SleepWise?


SleepWise is the only clinic in Melbourne, and regional Victoria, dedicated to treating patients and training dentists in the field of oral appliance therapy. The clinicians at SleepWise are the most experienced in Australia, having treated over 16,000 patients since first established in 2001.

SleepWise provides a full range of Australian-made, medically proven, state-of-the-art oral appliances. All clinicians are members of the Australasian Sleep Association and the Australian Dental Association and work exclusively in the field of dental sleep medicine at SleepWise Clinic.

Latest technology

SleepWise Clinic uses the latest intraoral scanning, in which an image of the patient’s teeth is created using 3D scanning technology. This is an easy and comfortable procedure and results in highly accurate models, with an extremely well-fitting oral appliance made by 3D printers. This process has superseded impression taking and is far more accurate and less messy!

We also use the latest generation 3D manufacturing technology to ensure our oral appliances fit you perfectly and comfortably. 3D printed Nylon can be made to a thickness of 0.5mm, resulting in unprecedented comfort and accuracy of fit. Nylon appliances are also virtually unbreakable in the mouth. 3D printed nylon is the new standard of care in oral appliances and is being used exclusively at SleepWise Clinic.

Satisfaction guaranteed

At SleepWise Clinic new patients can now take advantage of our Satisfaction Guarantee and trial a definitive, state-of-the-art oral appliance for up to three months, to ensure that it’s comfortable and effective for overcoming snoring, tiredness or sleep apnoea.

If you are not satisfied with the result, within three months, you will be entitled to a refund of 80% of your out-of-pocket costs of the treatment fee.

Get your snoring sorted & your sleep back with SleepWise

SleepWise Clinics are located in Melbourne and Geelong.

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