Fitting Your Oral Appliance

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Fitting Your Oral Appliance

1300 101 505

Fitting your oral appliance

In the fitting visit, your clinician will ensure the appliance fits perfectly and is comfortable. The 3D manufacturing technology means our appliances are made from materials that are very thin and strong for maximum comfort and durability.

For many of our patients, snoring and symptoms may resolve right away, without the need to make any adjustments to the appliance. Others may need to make some adjustments to achieve the optimal effect.

Making Adjustments

During the fitting visit, you will be shown how to make the adjustments to the appliance if required. This will bring the mandible (lower jaw) slightly forward and is done until the snoring and symptoms resolve.

When this is achieved, there is no further need to adjust the appliance.
The majority of our patients readily adapt to their appliance from the start, wearing it all night with little or no side effects.


You should expect to receive some immediate improvement in your snoring, tiredness and other symptoms. The results generally continue to improve over the course of the treatment until a successful outcome is achieved. Learn more about the review visit and ongoing support.

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