Free Online Sleep Apnoea Test

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Free Online Sleep Apnoea Test

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Do you have Sleep Apnoea? Take The Test!

Do you have Sleep Apnoea? This five-question online self-assessment is the first step in discovering how likely you are to have sleep apnoea.

All you need to do is select the answers that sound most like you.

At the end of the online test, you will get an instant indication of your potential risk for a sleep apnoea diagnosis. 

Online Sleep Apnoea Test

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1. If we asked someone sleeping close by if you snore, what would they say?(Required)

Sleep Apnoea Test FAQ

Why should I take a sleep apnoea test?

If you suspect you may have sleep apnoea then you’re likely to be aware it’s potentially affecting your health and quality of life and shouldn’t be ignored as it worsens over time. Taking this free online sleep apnoea test is the first step to a refreshing sleep free from snoring.

What are the warning signs of sleep apnoea?

Do you snore loudly? Do you often wake up tired, irritable and unfocused even after a good night’s sleep?  Toss and turn at night? These are some of the common sleep apnoea symptoms, and we recommend that you take the sleep apnoea test.

How do I find out if I have sleep apnoea?

Our online sleep test is the first step to finding out how likely you are to have sleep apnoea. Following the self-assessment, we’ll provide guidance on the next steps you should take.  You don’t need a referral from a GP to make an appointment.

Can I test myself for sleep apnoea?

The only way to be certain is with a sleep study which allows for a definitive diagnosis. We can arrange a sleep study for you which involves a portable monitor that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

What treatments are available for sleep apnoea?

Custom made adjustable oral appliances, commonly known as sleep apnoea/snoring mouth guards, are now regarded by sleep physicians, and experts in the field, as the best available treatment for overcoming snoring and, along with the CPAP machine, one of the two main treatments for sleep apnoea.

The main difference to CPAP is that oral appliances are more comfortable and easy to use and travel with.  There are other lifestyle changes that can help reduce sleep apnoea and improve the treatment outcomes.

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