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Dentist Resource Centre

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If you are a dentist currently practising or looking to practice in the field of dental sleep medicine, we can help make oral appliance therapy an integral part of your clinic.

Through our association with the 3D Sleep Institute, we can assist you with training and expert guidance and support in every aspect of providing oral appliances for snoring sleep apnoea and bruxism.

3D Sleep Institute

The 3D Sleep Institute specialises in educating and training dentists in the field of dental sleep medicine. Training is provided throughout Australia, covering all the clinical steps, and includes resources and materials for dentists to incorporate oral appliance therapy into their practice.

The 3D Sleep Institute provides:

  • Educational programs for dentists and team members.
  • Patient education and clinical materials.
  • Sleep tests for dental patients.
  • Comprehensive clinical support.
  • Staff training, including communication skills.
  • Optimal oral appliance selection.

Visit 3D Sleep Institute here for more details.

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