Sleep Clinic Geelong

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Sleep Clinic Geelong

1300 101 505

SleepWise Clinic – Geelong Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Treatment

SleepWise Clinic Geelong is located at 264 Shannon Ave, Geelong West VIC 3218

Hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (or check our Google profile to see our business hours during holiday periods)

SleepWise Clinic is the premier sleep clinic in Geelong, specialising in custom-made oral appliance therapy.  Our team of experts provide the highest quality sleep disorder and snoring treatment Geelong has to offer.

Our Geelong sleep clinic is situated in a convenient central location, ideal for clients from across the Geelong and Surf Coast region. SleepWise Clinic Geelong is home to a highly trained and experienced team of experts.

Whether you’re looking for a snoring specialist in Geelong or a general sleep specialist in Geelong, we have somebody who can identify the source of your problem and help you start sleeping soundly again.

If you suffer from a known sleep disorder, snoring, or other sleep problems, or need a sleep study in Geelong then SleepWise Clinic Geelong can help.  Contact SleepWise Clinic now and get your sleep issues resolved once and for all.

Our Geelong Sleep Clinic Services

Sleep Soundly Again

Most snoring and sleep disturbances are associated with sleep apnoea. We offer effective treatments for sleep apnoea, in Geelong, and to clients from the surrounding areas. Whether you suffer from sleep apnoea, or are simply sick of snoring, our team of experts can help identify your needs and design an ideal treatment plan for you.

Clicnically Proven Treatment

While other treatments for sleep apnoea are available, oral appliances are the leading treatment in terms of both effectiveness and comfort. Many CPAP users have found it to be disruptive. By contrast, oral appliances can be just as effective, yet slimline and fully custom fitted to ensure great comfort. If you’re struggling with your CPAP machine, our Geelong sleep clinic can help you with an effective and comfortable treatment option.

100% Designed and Manufactured in Victoria

We provide our Geelong patients with state of the art oral appliances, with as good quality and design as available anywhere else in the world.  Our Geelong clinic also offers home based sleep studies and testing, along with fitting and servicing of oral appliances.

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