Follow Up Visits

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Ongoing Patient Support

1300 101 505

First Review Visit

Generally, we will see you for a follow-up visit four to six weeks after receiving your oral appliance. At this point, you should be using your appliance comfortably each night, achieving good control of your snoring, tiredness and other symptoms.

At this visit, the appliance is checked to ensure that no further adjustments are required and that it is working optimally to eliminate the snoring or symptoms of sleep apnoea.

All review and follow up visits within the first 12 months are included in the initial cost of therapy.

Ongoing reviews

We will review you again in 12 months time, or earlier if needed, to ensure the appliance is working optimally, remains in excellent condition, and the best results possible are maintained.

If the oral appliance requires an adjustment, or maintenance, at any time, we ensure our patients are seen with minimal delay.

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