The Fee for Oral Appliance Therapy


Custom-made, adjustable oral appliances, along with the CPAP machine are now considered the only two proven treatments for sleep apnoea and snoring with oral appliances being by far the most comfortable.  

Oral appliances have been traditionally made from acrylic resin, or plastic, however, there has been a revolution in technology with 3D-printed nylon now regarded as state of the art with far superior properties. 3D-printed nylon appliances are extremely thin yet unbreakable through normal use. 

In order to provide the highest quality appliances, and achieve optimal results, SleepWise Clinic made the decision to now only provide Australian-made 3D-printed nylon appliances for our patients.

What’s Included:

  • All visits for reviews, adjustments and maintenance in a 12-month period.  Adjustments and follow-up visits can occasionally be required in the initial period to ensure optimal results. Adjustments and follow-up visits are often charged for in other clinics,
  • An industry-leading three-year warranty against breakages or damage,
  • More than 30% off the oral appliance fee for a spare, or replacement appliance at any future time.
  • SleepWise Clinic Satisfaction Guarantee:
    • If you are not fully satisfied with the improvement in your symptoms, you will be entitled to a refund of 80% of your out-of-pocket costs for the oral appliance.

    Ensuring Satisfaction

    While the results from using an oral appliance are often life-changing, with great results for over 95% of patients, the fact is that it may not fully work for everyone.  

    The unique SleepWise Clinic Satisfaction Guarantee ensures you can trial a state-of-the-art appliance, and experience the benefits, with minimal financial risk.  Most dental clinics do not provide this guarantee for oral appliance therapy.

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    Factors to consider when choosing a dentist for oral appliance therapy

    The following seven points are important factors in choosing a dental clinic for achieving optimal results with an oral appliance for snoring and sleep apnoea:

    1. Does the clinic specialise in oral appliance therapy?
    2. Are the dentists’ members of the Australasian Sleep Association and do they have training and significant experience in dental sleep medicine?
    3. Does the clinic use Australian laboratory manufacturing appliances in Melbourne and do they provide a range of the latest in 3D-printed nylon adjustable appliances? (Conventional acrylic appliances are now regarded as older technology and significantly inferior),
    4. Does the clinic offer a satisfaction guarantee?
    5. Are all visits in a 12-month period are included in the treatment fee?
    6. Is a replacement appliance offered at a significantly reduced fee?
    7. Does the clinic offer a range of 3D-printed nylon appliances rather than only one?

    SleepWise Clinic meets each of the criteria listed above.

    Private Health Insurance Rebates

    There are rebates available for oral appliance therapy from private health insurance – the amount of rebate will vary among the companies and will depend on your level of coverage and other factors.   The team at SleepWise Clinic can provide you with the item numbers, should you wish to check with your fund.

    Please Note

    Several of the health funds work with dentists, called “preferred providers” and might offer appliances at cheaper rates. A money-back guarantee is usually not provided by preferred providers, and, as previously mentioned, it is very important to check the experience of the dentist and the types of appliances and services offered. 

    The Price of Oral Appliance Therapy

    The Initial Consultation

    The initial consultation provides the opportunity for a patient to have a comprehensive assessment done, including a discussion about their main concerns, symptoms and medical history.

    If you haven’t had a sleep study and it is assessed that you might have sleep apnoea, a diagnostic sleep study can be arranged. If you have already had a sleep study we will assess your degree of snoring or sleep apnoea, the impact on health and quality of life, and the best form of treatment.  The price of the initial consultation is $95.

    More information can be found on the ‘getting-started’ page.

    Oral Appliance Therapy 

    In the fitting visit, your clinician will ensure the appliance fits perfectly and is comfortable to wear. The 3D manufacturing technology means our appliances are made from materials that are very thin and strong for maximum comfort and durability. The fee for 3D-printed nylon oral appliance therapy is $2290.


    Payment Plans

    We are able to also offer payment plans under Humm Finance. This includes:
    • 20% upfront deposit
    • Initial establishment fee of $60
    • Fortnightly installments over 6 months
    • $8 Monthly account-keeping fee

    Please get in touch with us for more infomation on Payment Plan options.


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