The news continues to get better for dentists specialising in oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnoea, who are now acknowledged as having one of the only two front line treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea.

Evidence presented at a recent International Sleep Conference in Brisbane demonstrated that custom made oral appliances are just as effective as the CPAP machine in overcoming sleepiness, snoring and the other symptoms of sleep apnoea. A major difference is that oral appliances are far more comfortable and easy to use when compared to CPAP.

I recently returned from the three day Australasian Sleep Association (ASA) Conference in Brisbane,  and it finished with an impactful presentation by Professor Peter Cistulli, from Sydney University, arguably Australia’s most distinguished sleep physician. He is the a past president of the ASA and a world renowned expert on oral appliances for sleep apnoea and snoring.

Based on a large body of research, including his own, Professor Cistulli’s key message was that custom made oral appliances are now being demonstrated as equally effective when compared to the CPAP machine – not only in changing the quality of people’s lives but also in the health related outcomes of treatment.

However the main difference is that oral appliances are far more comfortable and unobtrusive than the CPAP machine. The vast majority of our patients are wearing their oral appliance every night, for all of the night, with outstanding results.

The keynote presenters at the 2018 Brisbane Australiasian Sleep Association Conference -Dr Harry Ball, second from the left.
The keynote presenters at the Brisbane ASA Conference – Dr Harry Ball, second from the left.

Studies with CPAP demonstrate that on average only around 40% of people can use it, and those that do are only doing so for an average of three hours per night.

The better compliance and comfort of oral appliances, when compared to the CPAP machine, are well documented in studies, and results in both treatments being equivalent in overcoming snoring, tiredness and the health consequences of sleep apnoea.

Please note if you are in the category of having severe sleep apnoea, particularly with high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular disease, CPAP is clearly your best option.  However many people in this category can’t use CPAP and can still achieve successful outcomes with an oral appliance.

Sleep Physicians have asked and we have listened

Until recently the only treatment that a patient could trial is the CPAP machine.  Many of the sleep physicians who refer patients to us have asked if their patients could trial a customised oral appliance to test the effectiveness.

As a result SleepWise Clinic is the only group in Melbourne offering a trial of a latest generation, customised, adjustable oral appliance.  Our satisfaction guarantee means you can now experience the life changing benefits of a latest generation appliance with little financial risk.

We are happy to do this because not only is this a valuable service, our research tells us that the vast majority of patients who receive an appliance achieve successful outcomes.

To discover whether a comfortable, custom-fit oral appliance from SleepWise Clinic could provide relief for your sleep apnoea or snoring, contact our team today or make a booking online.

Dr Harry Ball
Clinical Director
SleepWise Clinic

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